Metro Decatur Home Builders Association

Golden Hammer Award Recepients:

1989 Linda Peck
1990 Ralf Owen
1991 Jerry Whitney
1992 Gary Anderson
1993 Bob Munsie
1994 Don Wilkerson
1995 John Molloy
1996 Tom Swartz
1997 John Hall
1998 John Closs
1999 Jim Peck Sr.
2000 Gary Walters
2001 Steve Horve
2002 Jack Myatt
2003 Jack Huss
2004 Robert Henry
2005 Steve Lewis
2006 Bill Huff
2007 Ed Woare
2008 Ray Sobotka
2009 Rod Weigand
2012 Jim Bondurant
2013 Randy Johner
2015 Mayor Mike McElroy (posthumously)

The Metro Decatur Home Builders Association is a local trade association affiliated with the Home Builders Association of Illinois and the National Association of Home Builders. The association provides building industry knowledge and information to members and the community. The Metro Decatur Home Builders Association is actively involved in legislative issues affecting the building industry.

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